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Your player struggling with improvement? Check out these soccer tips!

Uncategorized Aug 19, 2022

It's no secret that soccer players often struggle to improve. 


Many youth soccer players have coaches for almost every aspect of their game.

Whether it is mental, strength and conditioning, technical, nutritionist, you name it, they got it.

But despite all of the help they receive, many players still find it challenging to keep progressing. 


 Is it the players' fault? Are they the ones to blame?


Absolutely not.


We have reached the point where the information is there, but the application is not. 


I heard a saying recently that if it were just information we needed, we would all be the most incredible parents, coaches, mates, kids, etc., but we are not. 


It only comes through practical application that we start to see benefits from the information. 

Our players need that as well, and they need to know how to apply this information to serve them in soccer and in life after soccer.


So how can your player...

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Mentoring and Development with Gabriel Farfan | Former MLS and Liga MX Pro

Uncategorized Mar 31, 2021


Mentoring and Development with Gabriel Farfan

 In today's episode, Coach Taylor talks to Gabriel Farfan, ex pro from various leagues across North America. Gabriel played in the MLS and Liga MX. He and his twin brother Michael both played on the US u17 national team as well as playing together in the MLS for the Philadephia Union. He is now retired and is giving back to the game through mentoring youth players and providing great insights about the game. He leads a vibrant FB community as well podcast/newsletter. You don't want to miss it!

Click here to listen!

Here is the episode highlight reel:

  • [09:37] Exposure and Development: Worry about what you can control. Development will end up getting you more exposure over time
  • [34:50] What it was like to play with his twin brother in Philly!
  • [42:52] Deciding to hang up the boots: He knew what it was like for young player to try and break through so he decided to step aside to allow others to get that opportunity
  • [52:33] On...
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3 pitfalls to avoid as a parent as your player starts their soccer journey

Uncategorized Mar 24, 2021

1.If they are not developing, it is time to look elsewhere

Do not be afraid to leave a team if your player is not developing… even if that means living a good group of friends( and as a parent, leaving a good group of parents).


I want to couch this by saying, yes your player should be having fun and enjoying going to practice.


It should be an absolute joy to be competing,learning, and developing with your friends. But the key words are “competing” “learning” and “developing.” 


Not just hanging out with their friends.


 We want players to have fun and enjoy but they should be learning as well!


  1. Leave the game at the game 


You want to give them advice , I get it but now is not the time or the place. 


Post game is not the time to talk about the game.


If they want to talk, absolutely listen and engage with them.


 If they don't, you need to let it go! 

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3 Best ways to use a Soccer Journal

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2021

 In today's episode, Coach Taylor talks about the 3 best ways to use your soccer journal to grow the technical, physical, and mental side of the game. Make sure to listen to this week's episode to help your player to moving forward!

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • [01:02] First reason to use a soccer journal: Technical Training helps your player to stay on task.
  • [02:50] Second reason: Keep track of their physical training. 
  • [04:10]  Third reason: Keep track of their mental head space


Get the full transcript here!


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What is visualization and why pros do it!

Uncategorized Feb 12, 2021

I want to begin with a story of Pele... He was well known 15-20 minutes before they started warming up for a game putting a towel over his head.

He literally looked like he was sleeping!

A curious teammate went to him  and asked him "what’s up?" (paraphrase of course)

He said he put himself in the game to allow him to practice what he’s doing before he actually physically does it...

Even current pros such as Wayne Rooney talks about visualization...


It allows them to feel like they’re in a match. To experience every challenge, problem, and situation that they will face. 

Most of the soccer matches are making quick and correct decisions. As a player, they must be able to quickly identify solutions and be able to execute them. 

For example, an outside back may visualize themselves passing out of pressure...

Or they may be a midfielder playing the through ball behind the...

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Is your player too win oriented?

development growth winning Feb 05, 2021

I have seen multiple discussions online recently about dealing with win oriented child... or, as I say, dealing with a sore loser.

It was intriguing to me to see a conversation break down into two different lines:

One school of thought said it was a good thing.

That this means their athlete was an uber competitor and that they would never lose.

They cited the example of Cristiano Ronaldo and how that was his attitude as a youth player.

The other school of thought? They thought poor sportsmanship was detrimental to the long term development.


I am inclined to agree with the second school of thought (though I see the merits from the first argument.)

I agree that we want our players to be aggressive and compete, and we do not want them to be tamped down.

However, I also want players that people respect as well. That they can say: "Wow, those are great players but even better people."

When people bring up this argument saying, "I don't want to quench the player’s fight or...

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