Expect more from Soccer Training!

Meet Coach Taylor

Taylor is an expert trainer and mentor for youth soccer players. Having worked the past 6 years of youth soccer players from across the country and plus over 20 years of playing experience, he desires to see players take the next step in their development on and off the field.

As the founder of TF Soccer Training and host of the TF Soccer Podcast,  Taylor is passionate about growing players to experience true development on the pitch and life.

After having tangled soccer education due to relocating throughout much of his childhood, Taylor had to overcome his limitations through constant research and hard work.  Knowing that his struggles would have been lessened if had a soccer mentor, he desires to provide athletes with the elite level coaching and mentoring he wishes he had growing up.


From Coach Taylor:

Soccer is a game where ball mastery is completely fundamental for continued improvement. Therefore sessions focus on those fundamental ball skills: passing, receiving, and dribbling. We will have multiple combinations and modifications to challenge those skills. The mastery comes from being able to do execute these skills with speed.