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TF Soccer Training



Is your player experiencing true development?

No matter how many youtube videos they watch, private soccer training lessons attended, elite competitive teams they play on, extra work they put in,  they struggle to put it all together.

We've been there and know how to help!

Has This Been Your Soccer Player's Reality?

  • Vague Evaluation - Do they struggle with imprecise or directionless feedback from their coaches? Coaches often do not have the time to give your player the attention they need.
  • Fixed Mindset - Do they struggle with a destructive viewpoint that affects their game-day performance and bleeds over into their confidence in everyday life?
  • Poor Habits - Do they fail to plan out their day and schedule out their training to get the most out of their training?
  • Game transferable skills - Do they need a supplemental training program to work on the actually skills that will translate and take their game to the next level?
  • Accountability - Do they need a person(outside of you) who will hold them accountable to a higher standard?

We Can HELP!

Our solution: our total training programs teach soccer players to build the necessary technical skills and...

  • Develop physical abilities to dominate their opponents

  • Foster deeper respect for the tactical side of the game

  • Improve their mental game by understanding true toughness and how to deal with setbacks

  • Raise their leadership skills to become a person that teammates want to follow and coaches will rely on.

Sound like what your player needs? Let's get started!



We collaborate with your player and you, the parent/guardian, to build their technical skills plus physical, psychosocial, character, and tactical skills. We want an environment that players will be comfortable to grow on and off the field and take ownership of their development as players but, more importantly, as people.

In Person Training Programs

Private Training

Elite 1on1 Training program with Coach Taylor. Limited Space is available.

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Technical Training Classes in small groups.

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Supplemental Training focused sessions on a single topic.

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Online Training Programs

Game Evaluations

We will come out to your game and evaluate your play. (in-person and remote options available)

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Mental Training Mentorship

Mental Training Mentorship

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Training Schedule

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Private Training Session  @ 4pm

Private Training Session @ 5pm

Private Training Session @ 6pm

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Missouri City at 5pm: Pre-Academy

Missouri City at 6pm: Academy

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Sugarland at 5pm: Pre-Academy

Sugarland at 6pm: Academy

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"Great soccer trainer. He has the experience both high school, college and professional to take your child to the next level. He has a lot of energy and can get out on the field a show you how it’s done. My son benefited from his one on one coaching as well as his personal travel game assessment (he showed up to critique his performance). I would definitely continue to recommend Coach Taylor."


"Taylor is an outstanding young man! Taylor is very knowledgeable about the game from his experience, and he has a wonderful personality too! He has worked with my daughter for the past two years to help her improve those areas that she feels are her weaknesses. He takes the time to listen to my daughter to understand her goals, and they work together to achieve them. He has helped to boost her confidence and deepen her love for the game!"


"Taylor is awesome! He worked with my daughter (age 12) to get better control of the ball and worked on her shots on goal. He explained, not only how but, why she needed to do what he was instructing. He also helped me coach a couple of weeks with my sons U7 team. He was again great!!!! He was able to get the boys to focus and had great drills for improving their skills. I highly recommend him"


"Taylor has been a great coach and soccer mentor to my daughter. His college playing experience translates into focused and challenging training sessions. Taylor is highly engaged with his players and will push them to raise their game."


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