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What is a visualization script for soccer, and what three aspects should your player include?

Uncategorized Sep 28, 2022

What is visualization, and why do pro soccer players do it?

Very simple explanation:

It is the Mental exercise of putting themselves in the game and seeing them execute successfully!


But first let's begin with a quick story...


I want to begin with the story of Pele. He was well known 15-20 minutes before they started warming up for a game putting a towel over his head.


He looked like he was sleeping!


A curious teammate went to him and asked him, "what's up?" (paraphrase, of course)


He said he put himself in the game to allow him to practice what he's doing before he physically does it.


Other former pros, such as Wayne Rooney, discussed visualization's benefits.




It allows them to feel like they're in a match. To experience every challenge, problem, and situation that pros will face. 


In most soccer matches, Pros must make quick and correct decisions. As a player, they must be able to identify solutions and be able to execute them quickly.


Ok, we know pros do it, but what should youth soccer players' visualization include:


A soccer player's visualization should include three things:


See yourself in the game

Populate and inhabit the game

Allow you to solve recurring problems


Seeing yourself in the game:

Players should see themselves making plays. Defenders should see themselves directing their teammates, distributing the ball, and breaking up offensive attacks. For a midfielder, they should see themselves moving into space, winning 50 - 50 challenges, and connecting passes. For a forward, they should see them getting in and around the box to score. The focus should be on yourself in that position and playing well. However, you must also add other aspects to the game: your teammates, opponents, and crowd.


Populate the scene

In the same way that great writers will set the scene, players need to be great artists and set the imagery in their minds. Think about the way you put on your shinguards, socks, and shoes. Think about the surface of the pitch: is it turf or grass? How does the ball roll when passed on it? Think about the crowd: Are they cheering or booing you whenever you touch the ball? How do they react when you make a good or foul play?


Find this easy or difficult? You should use your game film to help guide your process.



Solve past problems

As an outside back, I always struggled with my body position and shape. Often, I would receive the ball with my hips and shoulders facing the ball's direction instead of receiving the ball with my hips open to the play. It was a habit I could not break ( even with my coach yelling at me to "open my hips!"). However, I saw myself receiving the ball and executing the next play when I started visualizing my games. Visualization allowed me to learn from my mistakes.


Use your game film to help guide your process.


So, those are three things that your soccer visualization should include.


Now, let's talk about how to do it.


Visualization script practice:


Find a quiet place where you won't be interrupted. This depends on where you are. If you are at the soccer fields or in the car, try to find a way to block outside stimuli. Put on headphones, Close your eyes and focus on your breathing—a few deep breaths. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Do this for a few minutes to clear your mind and relax your body.


Once you're relaxed, start by picturing yourself in the game. See yourself doing everything we talked about earlier. See yourself in the game making great plays. Instead of making the plays like a highlight reel, try to see plays from the genesis to the conclusion. Then, Make sure you add as many details as possible. What does the field look like? What do your teammates look like? What do your opponents look like? Hear the crowd noise in your head. Feel the energy of the crowd.


Make sure to include the last plays from your previous games. See yourself making those great plays again. See yourself make your mistakes but this time, make sure to include the adjustments you need to execute them flawlessly.


Soccer visualization is a powerful tool that can help you take your game to the next level. Doing it regularly is essential and ensuring you're doing it correctly. Follow the steps we discussed in this article, and you'll be well to becoming a soccer superstar.



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